Cozmo Robot is Not Just A Toy

Cozmo robot is really not just a toy. What is it? In this article I want to try to give some description about Cozmo, a brand new smart robot toy. The creator of Cozmo called it “a small man gifted with a mind of its own”. Trying to make a mini robot real life, as you would normally see in movies. Cozmo robot is designed with a certain personality that can grow. The longer you play around with him, then his personality will also be growing.

He will invite you to play, and with an artificial intelligence he will be able to keep you continually surprised. Cozmo robot can be a friend that will fill your family play time.


Cozmo robot information

Cozmo Robot Expresses Emotions

He’s not just a robot that will move back and forth, left and right. He could be a robot that can be curious and will explore about something. The creator designed him to be capable of learning, he will be able to create a plot and plan.

This smart robot has the ability to look at a particular object. He was not only able to see you, but he is able to know who you are. He seems to be alive and have personalities like humans. He’s not just a children’s toy, but it is a robot that almost like a human. So, do not call him an ordinary toy, he’s more than that. He actually like supercomputers that run to and fro, he’s fun to a new level.

Emotion he showed was not random, his presence is real and felt by everyone in the room. Can show a variety of emotions, including curiosity to learn something in order to be clever. Also the feeling of not yielding to a challenge of the game. He has personality x 10.

cozmo angry

Cozmo when get angry!

Expression of other emotions:

Highpants Anki Cozmo



unhappy cozmo

And here his reactions to some different touch:

cozmo smile

Cozmo pretend to fly


Imagine, he was able to be your partner in crime! LOL. Also able to develop a new feeling that arises after you spend a lot of time with him. Be careful, he’s addicted to the fun. Do not try to ignore him, or he’ll get cranky.


Anki Cozmo App

Application Software

Interacting with Anki Cozmo can be made possible via a smartphone app. This application is already available for Android and iOS, which allows users to play games with Cozmo and make it perform various tricks, as well as introduce themselves to others. Cozmo connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi network that is faster and more stable than Bluetooth.

Anki programmed hundreds of personality to make Cozmo feel more alive. Users will find a new character emerged by chance, this is one of the most enjoyable things from Cozmo. To create a personality profile and much expression, Anki rely on the help of former Pixar animator Carlos Baena, who was hired last year to give Cozmo many animated movie characters that become appear and live in the real world. Cozmo robot can also emit a series of emotive chirps to give him a constant awareness of your presence.

Cozmo Robot SDK

Cozmo Robot SDK

For Cozmo users who are interested in learning more about programming and robotics can download and install the software development kit. This software development kit (SDK) is built using the Python programming language that has been widely used, this SDK allows you to add functionality depends on your creativity.

cozmo robot best gift for kids


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What’s in The Box

Inside the box you will find :

  • 1 Cozmo robot
  • 1 charger
  • 3 Power Cube

Requirement to be able to communicate with Cozmo is a compatible iOS or Android device. Your device will run the free Cozmo app. You can easily check your device compatibility with Cozmo robot at this website

Cozmo’s movement ability is very impressive for a robot this small. This is not surprising. Cozmo has four motors that have more than 50 gear, which allows it to drive the wheels, arm, and head precisely.

Cozmo robot movement
Most tricks Cozmo can do is using cubes that are included in the box. Cozmo robot can carry cubes around, roll them, making piles, or drop the cubes. Even without any cubes Cozmo can make cool wheelies, or pounce on your fingers. It won’t hurt you :).

Cozmo robot is playing cubes

Tap and Keepaway are two examples of games that use cubes.
Tap, as the name suggests, is a game of who tapping faster on the cubes when the cubes glows with matching color.

Cozmo play Tap

Keepaway is a game where you have to move the cube faster than Cozmo can pounce on it. All games have become more exciting and entertaining by awesome reactions shown by Cozmo.

Anki Cozmo Conclusion

Cozmo robot toy is the most cool, funny, and smart robot toy ever made. Anki is offering a variety of intelligence in a package that is easily accessible.  This robot could be a great playmate with the support of a great artificial intelligence programming.

Cozmo is not just a must have toy for children aged 8 and up, it also could be a pleasant companion for adults of all ages. A cute and charming face can take away the hearts of all people regardless of age.



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