Anki Cozmo

Anki Cozmo is a small robot toy able to get up and blinking like living thing. Roaming around on cute caterpillar-tread wheels. His eyes are blue, LED lights is composing his eyes, which come alive when staring at us. He is active, may be more than expected, it could lift his head, feeling sad, angry, blinking eyes and excited. Very funny.

Unlike some other robot kits, Cozmo is not the type of robot that you must build and program first. Relying entirely on artificial intelligent (AI), it makes Cozmo have the ability to learn and develop his personality. You can make Cozmo play games with you. I have tried for several weeks, and yes, I admit he has a charm.

Anki Cozmo

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Cozmo robot is able to demonstrate some surprising tricks that seem unlikely do by this small object. By utilizing the Wi-Fi connection from your phone to the Cozmo to help work the object recognizing camera and behavior. Here, the phone acts as a processor for a robot, and absolutely no internet connection needed. The Cozmo will not work unless he is pairing to a smart phone. Once they are pairing each other, Cozmo comes to life with a battery life for about an hour. After one hour he will snoring on his cradle like human.

The Three Cubes

Three cubes are including in the box are connected to Cozmo and covered by a sort of readable codes. The cubes can lit in several colors as well. The Cozmo can find and discover, accumulate, overthrow and play with the cubes. Some games that performed by Cozmo use cubes as well, namely:

  • pattern-matching reflex¬† contest
  • tapping block if the colored lights in the corresponding color.

At first, I could beat him easily. But then I realized he was toying with me.

Anki Cosmo Three Cubes

Cozmo play with cubes


Anki Cozmo Has Adorable Face Artificial Intelligence

Anki try to offer an advancement in artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has the potential to change our lives in ways that drastically, yes AI will be more involved in people’s lives. By Cozmo, Anki want to show that AI can be a source of joy. The amazing thing is that it can deepen our relationship with technology to further improve the quality of human life and connect the world.


Cozmo's reactions

Cozmo’s reactions


Cozmo Robot Expressions


Anki Cozmo Operation Program


Cozmo can recognize and call your name!

There is a VGA camera to help the Cozmo robot look around at 30 frames per second. Cozmo’s VGA camera is also equipped with facial recognition software. This software will help the robot to remember people and interactions. As he interacts with you, he will show his expression on the screen so you know what he is “thinking”.


Cozmo App Screen

Starting a personal relationship with Cozmo is not difficult. You just type your name in the app and follow the process of introducing yourself to Cozmo by looking at the camera sensor. Once this is done, then whenever Cozmo sees you, he will greet you like an old friend.


Unlike its predecessor toy robots that are less sophisticated, Cozmo equipped with advanced software to support artificial intelligence. Anki has programmed Cozmo robot with what they call the emotion engine. With this emotion engine Cozmo able to react to various situations as well as a man reacts with a variety of emotions from happy and relaxed to frustration and daring. For example if you try to grasp and lift Cozmo, his square-shaped blue eyes will switch to an angry expression and his arms going up and down quickly to show his displeasure. Similarly, when he loses a game, then he will get angry and hit the table. So adorable!

It is a perfect toy for kids, but also appeals to fans of robotics and programmers. What Anki wants to accomplish, which is to bring robotics and AI for everyone young and old in a package that is friendly to children. Cozmo robot is in fact not a sophisticated humanoid bot to help you or completely replace your chores around the house, also not an ultra-capable assistant who manages your life. It’s for fun!

The purpose of Anki is to create a pleasant personality that people will develop it according to taste. In that case, Cozmo easily surpassed expectations.