Watch some Cozmo robot video and see how adorable he is. You can see his capabilities when “alive” and how he interacts  with people. Get Cozmo now. You will see his various expressions, thanks to the amazing artificial intelligent (AI), his blinking eyes, and his voice. What a smart little robot!

Cozmo Robot Video – Watch How Smart He Is

Watch how smart Cozmo Robot is. He knows what is the limits. He knows when to stop by observing the situations around him. He is unlike other dumb robot toys that don’t have AI. Cozmo is always thinkng, observing, and reacting correctly.


See above video showing Cozmo robot adorable capabilities. He really has admirable characters for this small size robot. Size does not matter for Cozmo.


Cozmo robot has a well-behaved characteristic. He is capable to react properly to human.


This video is an introduction of Cozmo robot by the developer. This video shows many great aspects of designs. This toy is made with the utmost seriousness, very detailed design, involving many experts. And all effort has been made only to entertain you!




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